Top Interior Design Companies Dubai Compared

Here is a quick comparison of some leading interior design companies in Dubai with that of the services Zylus offers.

A comparison table of top interior design companies by another leading interior company may seem to be “not all right”. Do not get us wrong. This is not an effort to prove ourselves, but to differentiate and explain why Zylus stands apart from the rest.

Top Interior Design Companies in Dubai Compared
Compare the top interior design firms


Interior Design Companies in Dubai has something in common!

If you take the list of interior design companies in Dubai, you can see that more or less everyone offer the same services. Except that, a few are into larger projects or specializes in office interior etc. When there is no differentiation between these interior companies, how does one make a decision on whom to go ahead with? It is very obvious that the interior design websites make heavy use of the library or stock images that are sometimes bought for a dollar or so. On scenarios like someone looking for their residential interior done may get carried away with this ‘false identity’ and may land up in unacceptable situations.

Real interior design projects, testimonials, and transparency

So what’s the escape route? It’s simple. Ask for real projects, references and demand complete transparency. This will be hard for many and this is why Zylus excel. Zylus has executed numerous interior design projects in Dubai and all over UAE. That said, Zylus is not the top interior design company in Dubai in terms of the number of jobs undertaken or by financial value. However, Zylus has delivered some of the best interior design projects for its customers in UAE, Dubai in particular.

What brings Zylus to the top of the list of interior design companies in Dubai?

If you take the list of interior designers in UAE and benchmark them against Zylus, without much of calculation or contemplation, you will conclude that Zylus is different from the rest. At the outset, you can see that Zylus is offering its interior design services online. Zylus is the pioneering interior design company who went all the way to develop a platform to help clients to get their interior design done in an easy and systematic way. When you compare the leading interior design companies in Dubai, to date, there is a lot of grey areas when it comes to pricing, estimations, and sourcing. This is not the case with Zylus.

The most democratic way of Interior Designing!

When you choose Zylus as your interior designer, there are no surprises (..Hmm, except a few pleasant ones). The interior designing rates are already declared on the website and everything is crystal clear from the time you sign up to the final delivery of the interior designs or interior décor. Go onto check the other interior design firms in Dubai, everyone will have completely different pricing and may even vary based on who you talk with or how you talk.

The best interior design agency in Dubai

We may not be the best interior design agency in Dubai, while ‘best’ being a relative term. If you are looking for the best interior design agency in terms of pricing, quality, trust, and professionalism, no need to look beyond Zylus Interior Design, Dubai

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