Studio Apartment Interior Design

Given the fact that studio apartment interior design in Dubai is so popular for varied reasons, Zylus looks into what really matters when it comes to interior designing small spaces.

Apartment Interior Design Dubai

Studio apartments in Dubai are a favorite home option for many given the fact that it has a lower rent, minimal maintenance and less interior design cost.  A well-conceived interior design for your studio apartment needs to address and balance the challenging aspects of functionality, aesthetics and comfort. The decor you choose for your home interior needs to be really thoughtful to optimally use the limited space available.

Interior design for a studio apartment actually takes more time and planning than 1 or 2 bedroom apartments or even larger ones. This is because the interior designer has to consider each and every aspect of the available space and create living, dining, bed areas using minimal area. Kitchen space also needs to be considered as when ignored will affect the overall beauty of the apartment interior. A good interior designer can apply creative choices of décor ideas, colours, wallpapers, smart storage solutions etc so that your studio apartment looks spacious and elegant.

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Zylus offers highly affordable interior design packages for studio home interiors. The interior design package includes everything that’s needed to have your home interior done in a very easy and convenient way. If you wish to see a realistic 3D rendering of the proposed interior, you have the option to include that as well. As Zylus sources interior products from a range of furniture suppliers, you are never stuck with the limited options and can achieve the perfect look for your room within your budget.

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