Luxury Interior Design Ideas for Bedroom

6 Ways to impart Luxury to your Bedroom Interior Design

Nothing feels as good as a bedroom decor that exudes luxury hotel type style and elegance.

Zylus designers have just the right tips for you; from luxurious plush pillows to adding an accent rug and statement mirrors — achieving a glamorous look has never been this easy!

1. Mix Metallic Finishes

Any decor scheme can be pulled together by using metallic accents and accessories; Zylus Interior Design can bring an understated elegance and a touch of luxury to your bedroom interiors. These metallic finishes work particularly well when teamed with colors such as emerald green, whites and soft pink— and soft fabrics like velvet.

2. Treat your feet

A rug can accentuate the feel of your bedroom while lending an elegant and timeless look. Our team of expert designers can help you choose one that will define your bedroom style and introduce an element of comfort and warmth. Good quality rugs come in a variety of colors, patterns and textures that offer a year-round look while remaining stylish and chic. Select material that feels great between your toes; for instance, a fur rug has a sophisticated and organic appearance. Our online interior design service in Dubai offers shopping service and would make sourcing for these beauties so easy!

3. Add Flair with Mirrors

Zylus suggests mirrors are a simple trick to add instant glamour and help elevate your bedroom interior into something far from basic.  They add character to bedroom decor and lend an elegant touch while giving an illusion of additional space. An accent mirror maximizes a room’s style and becomes its artwork, especially in minimal settings. Mirrors are also perfect for reflecting natural light during  the day — and at night they create a stunning atmosphere in a bright and well-lit bedroom.

4. The Perfect Lighting

A simple change in lighting can add just the right touch of glam and elevate your space from mundane to something elegant and charming. There are plenty of handsome lighting options available for different styles and taste that can transform the look and feel of your bedroom interior. For instance, a bold chandelier in stunning Shiny metallic can spruce things up; or perhaps an ornamental or sculptural lamp to add allure and visual appeal to your decor.

5. Add Plush Pillows

If you’re looking to go one step further then plush, overfilled pillows will transform your bedroom from simple to glamorous. Accent pillows add character and opulence to the bedroom and provide different levels of textures. Pillows in luxurious satin covers with glistening trims can create a real style statement. Your bed will look even more enticing at the end of the day with all its coziness

6. Add Dramatic Artwork

Statement artwork adds the perfect touch to your decor and draws the eye by becoming the focal point of the room. It’s a perfect way to breathe new life into space, add personality, enhance the room’s aesthetics and really make space feel true to you. Choose a gorgeous piece that you like, and that fits well with the rest of your design scheme — that is, one that enhances the colors and shades of the surrounding accent furniture and accessories.

Zylus designers can create an enchanting layered look for your bedroom interiors without looking tacky and achieving the right balance of sparkle and luxury to your space.

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