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Contemporary Living Room Interior Design

When it comes to contemporary living room design, there are a plethora of styles and color palettes that are ‘in vogue’. From  fashioning pared-down digs rendered in relaxing neutrals that put the spotlight on chromatic accessories and abstract artwork to living room decor items that supply a contemporary kick, such as geometric-pattern textiles, sculptural metal lighting fixtures, sunburst mirrors, glass tables and shelves, and natural furniture finishes.

Our Zylus designers can help you create these contemporary living room ideas.

Sophisticated Neutrals

Use muted color palettes with occasional bold accents.  Mixing colors and creating the perfect balance can be daunting, with Zylus you never have to worry as we help you create the perfect color scheme that suit your style and needs.

Unconventional Lighting

Accentuate the space with lighting and create an artistic and unique aesthetic appearance. Sourcing these lights can be a struggle, as you will have to visit a number of stores to finally find the right lighting for your space. Zylus Online Interior Design makes it easy for you. We do the sourcing and shopping for you, while you sit and relax and watch your dream interiors unfold.

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Polished Metal Accents

Generous use of shiny metallic finishes is the hallmark of contemporary interior style. Achieve the flawless harmony of these gorgeous finishes with the assistance of our creative Zylus designers.

Materials Inspired by Nature

Using natural materials blurs the line between indoors & outdoors. Get a picture-perfect living room that exudes great style and comfort with Zylus.

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