Home Décor in Dubai, UAE

DIY home décor in Dubai? Or looking for freelance interior designers?

Home décor is an art. For some it’s a passion. With the plethora of home décor options Dubai has to offer, it can be a very confusing and time consuming process doing up your interiors. Furniture stores offer insights to bedroom décor ideas or living room décor ideas through instore displays, but these are very limited and most of the time they may not reflect your persona or fit your budget. Combining looks from across stores is essential to make your interiors unique, but you may have to hunt around at least 5 to 8 best home décor stores in Dubai only to be left with the feeling of dissatisfaction; end of the day. Below are a few easy tips that will help you in the process:

Getting ready for a DIY home décor in Dubai? Hold on; let’s give you some interesting home décor ideas

  1. Use wall decal stickers to add a creative spark to children’s rooms: These are affordable and easy to apply. Best of all- they don’t damage the walls and can be changed regularly as per the evolving age and interests of the child.

Home Decor Dubai

  1. Fringes: the hottest design trend of the season is an easy to implement change that adds a feminine fun flirty touch to home interiors. Add it to cushions, light fixtures, soft furnishings etc for that revamped 60s look.
DIY Home Interior Design
DIY Home Interior Design
  1. Layered Center tables: Using a cluster of 2-3 smaller center tables, rather than 1 big one, adds interest to the room. Vary the heights and textures for added effect. Functionally also this is a great idea, as the tables can be used separately when needed.
Dubai Home Beautiful Interior Design
Beautiful Interior Design
  1. Use sheer curtains to maximize natural light: Sheer curtains give privacy in the day while filtering in natural light. There are large varieties of voile, organza, chiffon or cotton gauze sheers available. Fix black out curtains/ blinds behind for times when privacy is required.
    Home Interior with Curtains
  2. Create interesting patterns with lights: add drama to your interiors as you flick on Light fixtures that cast alluring patterns on the walls. The play or light and shadow infuses a mystical beauty to the interior

Living Room Interior Design

  1. Mismatched Dining Chairs: Choose a large-scale lead chair for the dining table that would complement the side chairs to add interest to your dining room.

Dining Room Interior Design
There’s no denying that Dubai is the hub for the best home décor in UAE. But don’t you want to create an interior as unique as you?

See how Zylus online interior design service helps you to get the perfect home:

Without having to leave the house, completely online you can receive from professional designers:

  • Multiple exquisite and unique design options
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  • Complete shopping list with full details of stores and prices
  • Online shopping service for home décor items
  • Turnkey execution of the project, if required

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