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Bedroom interior design ideas and thoughts, hand picked by our Interior Design experts in Dubai

Whether you are looking for a luxury bedroom interior or a very subtle minimalist interior, a bedroom should give you enough privacy, calm environment and a good ambiance to wake up to.  At the end of a tiresome day, winding up day on a happy relaxed note is very important for everyone. A wisely designed bedroom interior can contribute greatly to this.

When you consult an interior designer make it a point to convey clearly your tastes and preferences, so they can create a space that is personalized and special for you. Our Zylus designers will work closely with you making sure that all your interior design requirements are met.

Here are some dos and don’ts, for your bedroom design interiors from our expert designers.

1. Use layered curtains so that you can control the amount of privacy and sunlight filtering through.

2. Use multiple dimmable light sources like wall lamps, floor lamps, table lamps etc. so that you can set the mood of the room to match your own.

3. Set up a comfortable reading nook or armchair, so that you don’t always have to slouch in bed when spending waking hours in the room

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4. If you have hard flooring like tiles or stone, always soften it with a rug for a soft feel underfoot when you awaken.

5. Enjoy using your favorite hues in your room- but always ensure balance. Especially, if you plan to use a bold color scheme in the room, keep in mind that some elements of the room should have calm neutral shades.

6.  Always lie on the mattress and test it before purchasing. A mattress determines your sleep quality and must not be purchased on mail order

7.  Ensure that you have ample storage- a cluttered room is an unhappy space

8. Never purchase an entire ready bedroom set from a store. It looks overly matched and unimaginative. You can pick the bed and maybe a dresser or a side table and mix it up with other items that complement the style. Our Online Shopping Service makes thing easy for you, we source from a variety of stores here in Dubai to create a personalize style for you.

Bedrooms are havens of fond thoughts and dreams. Probably, the only place on earth that’s just for you.Getting the bedroom interior design done in Dubai is easier than you thought. With Zylus Interior’s online platform, you can easily communicate with experienced interior designers and create the bedroom of your dreams.

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